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Ornamental Foam Banding & Column Caps

Ornamental Foam Banding: Is a relatively new form of banding and is used widely in today's market because of its performance and versatility. The uses and designs of foam banding are virtually limitless and unlike mud banding, where thickness and shape are limited, foam banding is available in any shape and size possible. It is light weight and when properly coated, very durable. You can see examples of Foam Banding on many of the commercial buildings, as well as, homes in our area.

Examples of foam banding used on homes in our area

Foam banding is used primarily on our columns, when a certain thickness or level of detail is desired. Foam banding can be a simple semi-round or an elaborate profile with many steps and curves. Whether you are looking for a bold and sophisticated style or grand elegance, foam banding can help you achieve the result you desire.

The most common questions customers have about our Styrofoam products is how durable can it be if it is made of Styrofoam?

The answer is that it is very durable as long as it is properly coated. Our foam banding is coated with Stucco Cement that has an acrylic modifier called Acrylbond mixed into it. Acrylbond is an organic polymer adhesive.

When it is used as an admixture in cement mixes, it increases the adhesion, cohesion, and chemical bond. It improves water and weather resistance qualities, improves curing, and reduces shrinkage cracks.

It aids in creating hard, durable, water and chemical resistant concrete surfaces.

Flat Face Band (Cap 1)
Cap 1
Foam "P" Band (Cap 2)
Cap 2
Ornamental Detail Band (Cap 3)
Cap 3
Ornamental Detail Band (Cap 3)
Cap 4
Semi-Round Band (Cap 5)
Cap 5

Column Caps: all column caps are fabricated with 2 lb Styrofoam and have a hardy board insert at the top, center, recessed below the surface, to accommodate a light fixture or other ornamentation. A layer of fiberglass mesh is incorporated onto the top of the column cap. Customer has choice of cementitious or acrylic spray finish. Both will require painting. Caps are predrilled to receive electrical wire upon request. Please note: Electrical requirements must meet local codes - The Column Shop does not provide or imply to provide any electrical aspects to our columns.

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